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What does it means when a guy or man writes you a letter (email)for the first time?

hey there there is this guy that when he said our goodbyes he said we will keep in touch and i dont kn ow him well but the time that ive had talked to him seems nice and he is cute. i wrote to him that how was his trip and stuf and he wrote to me every detail about his trip and what he did thhe day before i thought he was going to say it was fine and keep it short but he didnt. he is 36 (ive always liked older guys or man) im22. what do you guys think?? im so confused im starting to like this guy

What does it means when a guy or man writes you a letter (email)for the first time?
I think he likes you...I think he wouldn't have written a long email to you unless he wanted to tell you everything. He wants you to know how he's doing obviously. Ask him to hang out when he gets back if he can... Ask for a number. Email him back first - And tell him in detail about your life if you like him too.

Okay - You're starting to like this guy, so just let him know. And I bet he likes you too from all the "evidence" lol.
Reply:i think you are starting to like this person
Reply:It means that he is crazy because his bucket left him for a different pail.
Reply:hes either interested in you so keep messaging him

or he wants to be a friend
Reply:It sounds like he really likes you a lot. If a guy didn't like you he wouldn't give you the time of day. Good luck.
Reply:This guy sounds genuinely interested in you, especially if he asks about you. Don't be afraid to email him back, and don't worry about it being too long. He's not too outrageously older than you, so it doesn't look like there's too much reason to be confused. Chances are, he's starting to like you, too.
Reply:He definitely likes you a lot. Going into details about his trip probably means he wants to keep you posted even about insignificant things, which is a good sign. It means he trusts you.
Reply:I would say that he is interested in you.
Reply:I have to say, the with situations such as this, you have to simply be honest with yourself.

Since you are interested in him, it seems that it is quite apparent that he has 'picked' up your 'un-intentional' signals. Remember body language / and the 'way' you speak, are key indicators.

So, my guess, is that he has picked up your signals of interest, and is trying the waters out.

So at this stage, I would seriously mention, that the choice is upto you, as to how far you take this. Attraction is very important, and since you are well above the legal age, I know you know what you like etc, so I would simply say, take care, be smart, and follow your heart cautiously.

Good Luck
Reply:Us women tend to overthink. Don't overanalize the e-mail and take it as what it is. He's interested. He's interested enough to take time out of his day to write you an e-mail detailed about his day and previous day. He's clearly trying to keep you interested as well by bringing you into his daily life like that.

Just go with it and see where it goes. Good luck.
Reply:He's interested in you.

men are terible letter writers and diary keepers, unless they have someone they really want to tell.

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